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Ohio Attorney General News

Recent news from the Ohio Attorney General's office highlights several key developments: 

  • Senate Bill 215's Passage: Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost issued a statement regarding the Ohio Senate’s passage of Senate Bill 215, which prohibits foreign nationals from making contributions or expenditures regarding ballot issue campaigns. This legislative move underscores Ohio's efforts to maintain the integrity of its electoral process
  • Support for Labor Market Competition: The U.S. Department of Justice has joined a multistate lawsuit led by Attorney General Dave Yost challenging the NCAA’s transfer eligibility rule. This lawsuit is seen as an effort to eliminate what is perceived as an illegal restraint on college athletes’ ability to sell their image and likeness and control their education, advocating for more competition in the labor market
  • School Safety Grants Announcement: Yost announced the availability of $6.7 million in safety grants for Ohio schools for the 2024 academic year. This initiative is aimed at enhancing safety measures in schools across the state, providing financial support for improvements in security infrastructure and practices

These developments reflect a broad range of activities and priorities within the Ohio Attorney General's office, from legislative initiatives to support for competition in the labor market and investments in school safety.

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