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Great Western Buildings Complaints: Comprehensive Analysis and Solutions

Great Western Buildings is a prominent name in the pre-engineered steel building industry, known for providing versatile and durable structures for various needs. However, like any large company, it has received its share of complaints. This comprehensive guide aims to analyze these complaints, identify their root causes, and offer solutions to help potential customers make informed decisions.


Great Western Buildings offers a wide range of steel building solutions, from commercial and agricultural structures to residential garages and workshops. Despite their reputation for quality, some customers have reported issues. This article delves into these complaints, providing a detailed examination to help you navigate any potential pitfalls and ensure a positive experience with Great Western Buildings. (You may also read: How Many Noise Complaints Until Eviction?, Ensuring Compliance with LA Building Codes, Buy Then Build, Starting a Home Building Company, Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Management, The Importance of Builders Risk Insurance in Construction Projects, and many more!)

Table of Contents

  1. Common Complaints About Great Western Buildings
  2. Analyzing the Causes of Complaints
  3. Solutions and Tips for Potential Customers
  4. Real Customer Experiences
  5. Conclusion
  6. Call to Action
  7. Contact Information

Common Complaints About Great Western Buildings

Delayed Deliveries

One of the most frequent complaints is the delay in delivery times. Customers have reported that their building materials did not arrive on the scheduled date, causing disruptions to their construction timelines.

Quality of Materials

Some customers have raised concerns about the quality of materials used in the buildings. Complaints include receiving damaged components or materials that do not meet the advertised specifications.

Customer Service Issues

Customer service is a critical area where complaints are often lodged. Customers have mentioned difficulties in reaching support representatives, slow response times, and unsatisfactory resolutions to their issues.

Installation Problems

Installation-related complaints include improper assembly, lack of detailed instructions, and insufficient support from the company during the construction process. These issues can lead to structural problems and additional costs.

Pricing Discrepancies

Several customers have reported discrepancies between the quoted price and the final bill. These unexpected costs can stem from additional fees for shipping, customization, or installation services.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Complaints about warranty and after-sales support typically involve difficulties in claiming warranties, limited coverage, and inadequate assistance from the support team when issues arise post-purchase.

Analyzing the Causes of Complaints

Supply Chain Disruptions

Delayed deliveries are often the result of supply chain disruptions. Factors such as manufacturing delays, transportation issues, and logistical challenges can all contribute to late arrivals.

Inconsistent Quality Control

Quality complaints may arise from inconsistencies in the manufacturing process. Variations in materials and workmanship can lead to customers receiving products that do not meet their expectations.

Overloaded Customer Service

Customer service issues may be due to an overloaded support system. High call volumes, understaffed support teams, and inadequate training can result in poor customer service experiences.

Insufficient Installation Guidance

Installation problems often occur due to insufficient guidance from the company. Lack of detailed instructions and inadequate support can leave customers struggling to assemble their buildings correctly.

Lack of Transparency in Pricing

Pricing discrepancies can arise from a lack of transparency during the quoting process. Hidden fees and unclear terms can lead to customers feeling misled about the total cost of their project.

Limited Warranty Clarity

Issues with warranty and after-sales support can be traced back to unclear warranty terms and insufficient support infrastructure. Customers need clear, accessible information about their coverage and easy access to support.

Solutions and Tips for Potential Customers

Ensuring Timely Deliveries

  • Plan Ahead: Schedule your project with ample time for potential delays.
  • Confirm Delivery Dates: Regularly check in with the company to confirm delivery timelines.
  • Have a Backup Plan: Be prepared for delays with alternative solutions or temporary structures.

Ensuring Material Quality

  • Inspect Upon Delivery: Thoroughly inspect all materials upon delivery for any damage or discrepancies.
  • Document Issues: Take photos and document any issues immediately to facilitate resolution.
  • Communicate Clearly: Contact the company promptly with any concerns to seek replacements or solutions.

Improving Customer Service Experience

  • Use Multiple Channels: If you have trouble reaching customer service by phone, try email or online chat options.
  • Be Persistent: Follow up regularly if you don’t receive a timely response.
  • Escalate When Necessary: If you’re not satisfied with the initial response, ask to speak with a supervisor or manager.

Overcoming Installation Challenges

  • Request Detailed Instructions: Ask for comprehensive installation guides and diagrams.
  • Seek Professional Help: Consider hiring a professional contractor experienced with steel buildings.
  • Utilize Online Resources: Look for online tutorials, forums, and videos that can provide additional guidance.

Managing Pricing Expectations

  • Get Detailed Quotes: Request detailed quotes that break down all costs, including shipping, customization, and installation.
  • Ask About Hidden Fees: Inquire about any potential additional fees that may not be included in the initial quote.
  • Budget for Contingencies: Set aside a contingency budget to cover any unexpected expenses.

Navigating Warranty and After-Sales Support

  • Understand Your Warranty: Read and understand the warranty terms thoroughly before making a purchase.
  • Keep Documentation: Retain all purchase and warranty documents for future reference.
  • Contact Support Early: Reach out to customer support as soon as you encounter an issue to ensure timely resolution.

Real Customer Experiences

Positive Feedback

Despite the complaints, many customers have had positive experiences with Great Western Buildings. They praise the durability of the structures, the flexibility of design options, and the cost-effectiveness compared to traditional buildings.

Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism from customers highlights the areas where Great Western Buildings can improve. Addressing these issues can enhance the overall customer experience and lead to greater satisfaction.


Great Western Buildings offers robust and versatile building solutions, but like any company, it has areas where improvements can be made. By understanding the common complaints and their causes, potential customers can take proactive steps to mitigate these issues and ensure a smooth experience. From planning and budgeting to installation and after-sales support, being informed and prepared is key to making the most of your investment with Great Western Buildings. 

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