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15 May


Dana Safety Supply stands as a trusted partner for law enforcement professionals, providing top-tier safety equipment, tactical gear, and apparel. With a commitment to excellence, Dana Safety Supply ensures that officers have the tools they need to protect and serve their communities effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the significance of Dana Safety Supply, its product offerings, and how it contributes to the safety of those who safeguard our streets.

Why Choose Dana Safety Supply?

  1. Quality and Reliability:
    • Dana Safety Supply curates a selection of products from leading brands such as Whelen, Soundoff, and Code-3. Whether it’s LED warning lighting, sirens, or light bars, quality is non-negotiable.
    • Law enforcement professionals can trust Dana Safety Supply to provide reliable gear that performs under pressure.
  2. Comprehensive Range:
    • From tactical apparel to vehicle equipment, Dana Safety Supply covers all bases. Explore the latest and best-selling products, including uniforms, tactical vests, and LED warning lighting.
    • Whether you’re an officer on patrol or part of a specialized unit, Dana Safety Supply has you covered.
  3. Expedited Support and Satisfaction Guarantee:
    • Dana Safety Supply prioritizes customer satisfaction. Expedited support ensures that law enforcement agencies receive timely assistance.
    • With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, officers can shop confidently, knowing that their safety needs are met.

Featured Products

  1. Law Enforcement LED Warning Lighting:
    • Dana Safety Supply offers a range of warning lights, light bars, and sirens by trusted brands like Whelen, Soundoff, and Code-3.
    • These high-visibility solutions enhance officer safety during emergency responses and traffic stops.
  2. Tactical Gear and Apparel:
    • Explore tactical clothing from Propper, Tru-Spec, 5.11, Blackhawk, and Pelican. From durable pants to moisture-wicking shirts, officers can perform at their best.
    • Dana Safety Supply ensures that law enforcement professionals are equipped for any situation.
  3. Vehicle Equipment:
    • Setina XL Extra Legroom Partitions, Code-3 C3900U Siren Speakers, and Gamber Johnson NotePad V Universal Tall Computer Cradles are just a few examples of Dana Safety Supply’s vehicle equipment offerings.
    • Officers can rely on these products for efficient and safe operations.


Dana Safety Supply’s unwavering commitment to law enforcement safety makes it a beacon in the industry. From LED warning lights to tactical vests, Dana Safety Supply equips officers with the tools they need to serve and protect. Remember: Safety starts with reliable gear, and Dana Safety Supply delivers.

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