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Capital One Class Action Settlement: Comprehensive Payout Information for Affected Individuals


In the wake of the 2019 data breach that compromised the personal information of millions of Capital One customers, a class action settlement has been reached to compensate those affected. This landmark settlement highlights the critical importance of data security and the consequences of its breach. Here’s what you need to know about the settlement payout per person and how it addresses the fallout from the data breach. 

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Background of the Settlement 

The data breach, publicly disclosed by Capital One in July 2019, led to unauthorized access to a vast amount of personal information, including Social Security numbers, bank account details, and more. The breach prompted a class-action lawsuit, culminating in a significant settlement aimed at compensating affected customers.

Settlement Payout Details 

  • Payout Eligibility: U.S. residents whose personal information was compromised in the 2019 breach were eligible to participate in the settlement.
  • Compensation Framework: The settlement offered reimbursement for documented losses directly attributable to the breach, including compensation for time spent addressing its consequences.
  • Payout Amounts: While individual compensation could reach up to $25,000 for losses, including time lost, the exact payout per person varied based on the number of claimants and the specifics of each claim.

 Impact and Implications 

The Capital One class action settlement serves as a critical reminder of the responsibilities financial institutions bear in safeguarding customer data. It also underscores the potential legal and financial repercussions stemming from cybersecurity failures. 

Navigating the Claim Process 

Affected individuals were encouraged to file a claim by the specified deadline to be considered for compensation. The claim process was designed to be straightforward, allowing claimants to submit documentation of their losses and time spent dealing with the breach's aftermath. 


The Capital One class action settlement represents a significant response to one of the largest data breaches in recent history, offering a path to compensation for those impacted. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, this settlement underscores the ongoing need for vigilance in protecting personal information and the legal mechanisms in place to address failures in data security.

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