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AGA Class Action Settlement: A Comprehensive Guide


In a significant legal development, the AGA (Allianz Global Assistance) class action settlement addresses claims that Allianz Global Assistance illegally charged assistance fees on travel and event insurance plans. This settlement marks a crucial moment for consumer rights, particularly for residents of California and Washington affected by these practices. 

Understanding the Settlement 

The lawsuit contends that Allianz Global Assistance imposed illegal assistance fees, contravening consumer protection laws. The $19.75 million settlement aims to compensate individuals who purchased qualifying travel and event insurance plans within specific time frames. 

Who's Eligible? 

  • Geographical Eligibility: Primarily targets residents of California and Washington.
  • Time Frame: Involves purchases made between September 4, 2016, and September 30, 2023.
  • Plan Criteria: Applies to specific travel and event ticket insurance plans offered by Allianz.

 Payout Details 

The payout per person under the AGA class action settlement is not a fixed amount; rather, it depends on the number of valid claims filed and the total assistance fees paid by each claimant. A common fund of $19.75 million will be distributed among eligible class members, subject to the number of participants and the fees they were charged. 

How to Participate 

  1. Claim Submission: Eligible individuals must submit a claim form, available through the official settlement website, by a specified deadline.
  2. Documentation: Providing proof of purchase and payment of assistance fees may be required to validate your claim.
  3. Awaiting Approval: After submission, claimants will need to wait for notification of claim approval and the subsequent payout process.

 Significance of the Settlement 

This settlement underscores the legal obligations of insurance providers to conduct their billing practices transparently and within the bounds of consumer protection laws. It serves as a reminder for consumers to remain vigilant about the terms and fees associated with insurance products. 


The AGA class action settlement offers a pathway for compensation to those impacted by Allianz Global Assistance's alleged improper fee practices. If you believe you are eligible, reviewing the settlement details and taking steps to submit your claim is essential. This case not only highlights important consumer protection issues but also provides a corrective mechanism for affected individuals. 

For more detailed information on eligibility, claim submission, and payout processes, affected individuals are encouraged to visit the official settlement website or contact the settlement administrator directly. This settlement represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing efforts to ensure fairness and transparency in consumer financial products.

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